You can learn lunging!


The training method for anyone who wants to improve their horse by lunging. Accessible e-learning program for riders at every level and every discipline

An e-learning program where you will learn everything to train your horse correctly. There is attention for the material, the area in which you do the training, but also things such as how do you teach commands to your horse, how do you use the whip and lunge correctly, and how do you build up a training. This course is designed for mainly recreational riders and (starting) competition riders. The emphasis is on correctly training the horse and developing the horse in such a way that he is physically and mentally able to do what we riders ask of him. Lunging is a good ‘cross-training’ to train the horse without weight.


✔ How do you build up a training

✔ How to use the whip & lunge

✔ Why you should lunge

✔ How do you improve your horse on the lunge

✔ Which training method is the most effective



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Video modules

The online course consists of video lessons explaining the theory of lunging. Step by step you will be taken along how you can lunge as safely and effectively as possible. Topics such as the material are discussed, how you use the whip and lunge, how you build and organize your training, and how you can support your horse the best.

E-book | cheatsheets

It is nice to be able to read a few things. The entire theory has been cast in an E-book, here you will find extra tips and more images for support. The E-book is supplemented with interviews with famous riders about how they apply lunging in their training. In addition, there are cheatsheets available, these are super handy cards where you can have a quickly overview. Super handy to have in a stable, for example.

Masterclasses | Q&A

The online course consists of the video modules and the e-book with the cheatsheets. This forms the basis for lunging. In addition to this basic course, master classes (digital) and Q&A sessions are organized. It is therefore useful to have followed the basic course because the themes from there are often reflected in the masterclasses.

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The book: “You can learn lunging”

Written by Nienke de Wolff. This book consists of 60 pages full of Nienke’s knowledge about lunging, which she would like to share with you! For example, she discusses the different ways of adding and what the effect is, how you apply Skala der Ausbildung during lunging and how you use the whip and lunge line in a safe and correct way. You will also find training assignments in the book to get started yourself.

Common lunging problems

Do you think lunging is boring?

I often hear people say “I think lunging is boring” . Somehow I understand where that comes from! Because if you don’t know exactly how to do it, lunging is just ‘letting your horse run in circles’.

In this E-learning course I am going to help you make lunging more fun because you will understand it better!

Do you always have your lunge & whip in a knot?

A basic condition for lunging is to have control over your materials. Your lunge is similar to your reins . When you have the reins in a knot, refined riding becomes tricky too! In this course I will teach you some tips & tricks on how to roll up your lunge and how to keep your whip the best.

Does your horse listen badly to the lunge?

You also have to make agreements with your horse on the lunge. Of course because of safety but without appointments you can never get one building good training. Simply because your horse does not know what you want from him.

Many people find this difficult, under the saddle most horses know the aids and riders take lessons to become even better at finetuning. But with lunging, this stays a bit behind. In this course you will find more information about how to learn aids and what the right aids are.


Nienke de Wolff

Nienke is not unknown in equestrian sports, she’s mainly active in the discipline of vaulting. From this background she has specialized in training horses at the lunge, regardless of which discipline and at what level.

Among other things, she guided the Swiss team with the horses and thus won a silver medal at the 2018 World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

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We recommend purchasing the E-learning module with an E-book.
The E-book provides even more depth and you can always read it again if you still want to check something.


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