About Nienke de Wolff

Nienke owns “DeWolff sporthorses”. Since she was 6 she has been involved with horses and active in the vaulting sport. Later in her career she participated at an international level within the vaulting sport. Eventually she decided that lunging was more suitable for her, from the age of 22 she focuses completely on lunging and giving lessons. She has obtained her Orun-4 diploma at the KNHS and is currently in training for her Orun-5 diploma.

DeWolff sporthorses was founded in June 2016. In that period Nienke was active as a trainer, she gave clinics and she traded in horses for the vaulting sport. In the end, there was no other option than to register with the Chamber of Commerce. Originally a hobby for a few hours a week, the company has since grown into an international company that is known worldwide for its expertise in equestrian vaulting. Customers and athletes come from all over the world to train, try out horses and buy horses. The horses are mostly sold within Europe, although the demand for vaultinghorses is growing in countries such as America and Mexico.

In addition to her sports stable, Nienke is active as an international lunger. She gives lunging training all over the world and offers vaulters the chance to participate in competitions on her horses. High points of recent years are the World Cup competitions and competitions such as CHIO Aachen.