E-learning + E-book


This e-learning contains all the tools to learn to lunge correctly. You can expect the following lessons;

  • Lesson 1 What is lunging?
  • Lesson 2 Trainingarea and equipment
  • Lesson 3 Posture
  • Lesson 4 The lungeline and how to attach it
  • Lesson 5 How to hold the lungeline
  • Lesson 6 Lunging whip
  • Lesson 7 Teaching the correct cues
  • Lesson 8 How to attach side reins
  • Lesson 9 Trainingsskala
  • Lesson 10 Training structure

This e-learning includes 1.5-2 hours of teaching material and an e-book. The additional e-book includes theory, training exercises and mnenomics. Within this package there is also the possibility for one video assessment of approximately 10/15 minutes.




E-learning + E-book


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